Question about warning on us boxes ammo

i receive two boxes from nice american collectors
i m surprised that even on US that the warning are in american and french language on the noveske 300 blk box
it is the same for the other brand like federal ,winchester ,hornady … (i talk about us boxes ,because i think is normal for exportation boxes in france)

and i see an error on warning on oath 300 blk box
"discharge may occur if rim is struck" would be normally on rimfire ammo boxes not on centerfire ammo

thank in advance for your response

All Products sold in Canada, must (By a law now over 30 years old) be labeled Bi-lingual in French and English…Products made in Quebec Province have French First, English Second; whilst those Products manufactured in the rest of (English) Canada have English First. This law also applies to all Imported Products as well.

This applies to Ammunition.

Apart from the Canadian situation, the Use of English and French on Commercial ammo is advantageous for Export reasons to Africa ( many English and French speaking Nations here;) and to other areas of the world where French, rather than English, may be a “Lingua Franca” spoken by the More educated classes of a country’s society.

Doc AV