Question About WWI French Munitions/Factory

Hi. I’m a student working on a restoration project of a newsreel from 1916 which depicts a munitions factory in France. Unfortunately, I am unable to identify any of the artillery being made or what some of the people are actually doing in the factory. If anyone could be of help, it would be much appreciated. I have attached a link with a few (very low quality) photos from the video.

Thanks in advance.


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Interesting question. Unfortunately the attached link you provided opens a password protected page, can you provide the photos another way?


Brian is correct. The link is useless. When I click it all I get is my own photobucket account. Please post a usable link, or use the “Img” link above to post the actual photos. The directions for this are in the stickies at the top of the posts on this forum.


Very sorry for the mistake! I’m trying to directly link them now.

And maybe this link will possibly work: … 7/library/


PM sent.


Could it possibly be the Citroen Munitions Factory, located in Paris France?