Question for 20x110 hispano yugo

i see a 20x110 hispano yugo but with a olive green and green band above driving band with HEI shape

i would know the type of shell because i know only two type in this shape ,yellow for hei and white for practice
than for your response

anyone have response ?
because i can buy this round rapidly and i hope that is not an HEI

It’s a Practice-Tracer. Fuze with detonator and smoke charge.

This is a Spotting round for use in insert barrel devices. Stencilled on the projectile are the types of guns and devices the round can be used with.

It is filled with a pyrotechnic flash composition (no high explosive present) and has a tracer in the rear. The fuze is a simple impact action nose fuze with a small aluminium PETN/lead acide-filled detonator.
Note that the tracer is connected with the filler, which causes the shell to burst as soon as the tracer has burnt out.

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PS: Apart from the HE and TP-types you mentioned there are also various API types and a plastic “break up” type.

very thank for your response
i know the other yugo types but in this shape only hei or tp (with or without tracer)