Question for 30x113 m789 "factory inert"


in few times ago i see a very beautifull 30x173 PGU15 TP with the sames marking as a loaded round but the difference is this round has no primer that show as is inert (i miss the auction and the round has go to netherland !!!)
i would know if i can find a 30x113 M789 HEDP with the same marking as loaded tactical round but with no primer and removable fuze for show that is inert ?
because i would trying to find one of this round with light alloy case(inert for sure)
thank in advance for your responses


Hi ammogun;

I hate missing an auction that I have been following. Anyhow, send me an e-mail and I can recommend a few sites that often list 30MM PGU INERT rounds you are after.