Question for non-US visitors to this forum and the website

I have a question for visitors to this forum, and or even to my website. I am especially interested in responses from those from countries with languages other than English as their first language.

Over half of the visitors of this forum are not located in the United States. Also nearly 40% have a language other than English set as their main language in their web browser. The statistics are similar for my website, and about 30% on the IAA’s main website.

I am interested in feedback you may have on any difficulties you have run into navigating or displaying any of these websites. Do you run into any issues when using translate software such as Google Translate or babelfish, etc to translate the whole website? Do you run into issues with styling of the websites in these instances?

One issue I am aware of, and have run into myself when trying to register on web forums in other languages is figuring out the security questions to register. I know some have run into issues with this here as well. I plan to fix this.

Any suggestions, comments or concerns would be greatly appreciated. I try to test the website as much as I can in different browsers, and languages, etc but I can not account for everything.

This is the International Ammunition Association so I want to make sure it is usable for everyone everywhere!


I don’t have any problems reading and communicate with other collectors on forum.

Sometimes practical jokes are hard to understand. But I read them twice. -:)

Thanks for the good work.


No linguistic problems over here :)

Cheers from NLD.

No problem for me even if my english is far to be perfect
Only a little work for translate …


No problems to translate or read the forum! :-)

I think i have no problems reading or writing on this forum
However, I cannot guarantee that other have no problems reading my posts ;)

No problems.

No linguistic problems over here.

Cheers from Argentina !!!

Saludos Amigos !!!

No Problems at all.


A solution in search of a problem?

No problems translating what is written here, although some “language jokes” are hard to understand…

No problems, whatsoever. In fact, I find the menu structures in my native language usally more confusing than those in English :)

Max - I don’t think anyone on this Forum would have one bit of trouble understanding your postings in English. I sure don’t, and I am not the brightest bulb in the lamp! (You might have trouble understanding that, come to think of it. It means that I am not the smartest person around!).

When you meet our European friends (and South America with folks like Fede), you are constantly amazed at their linguistic abilities. Some of the folks that visit St. Louis speak four and five languages, and speak them well! Amazing. I struggle in my own native language!

I agree with Ray here. While it was great to bring this subject up in case there were problems for our friends abroad, it seems they simply don’t have any with the Forum. It doesn’t surprise me!

I also have no problems in reading or searching at the forum

No language problems, for understanding at least.
Thanks for sharing the best information on ammo.

No issues here either…:-)

As someone who grew up with Raymond Burr, both as Perry Mason and Ironside, Karl Malden as the SF detective with that Douglas guy, with a whole host of british costume dramas and above all Jeremy Brett as the one and only Sherlock Holmes.
Oh and of course, The Sweeney or was it Inspector Morse? Anyway, The english language in its diverse and sometimes challenging forms, have entertained me and my generation to the point where I can find myself dreaming in english…


No problems for me to read or search on the forum.