Question-frame to display cartridges

This video the collector shows of the cartridges are inserted into the plastic frame. … r_embedded
I think that this method of storage and display of ammo is very convenient, but I can not identify this frame. Please tell me where I can buy a similar frame for the 7.62x39 ammo?

Those 10 round holders come in boxes of factory ammunition. I have never seen them sold separately. I probably have a few at home, and can pick more up at my firing range. I’ll email you.

This is a standard packing for higher end (price-wise) ammo in USA, some of these plastic ammo holders have “ears” to place them on trouser belts for hunters, so they may have ammo on their belts. Very common and cheap, if you want, I may send some to you.
Jon, beat me to the answer, most of shooting ranges here have garbage bins filled with them.

Thank you for your answers. I look forward to your suggestions. It is a pity that you throw away these frames as garbage. They are very convenient for storage and collection of cartridges, many Russian collectors would be happy to have them