Question from the Admin

ChrisB. and I need to know how many people are having trouble with the “EMAIL” button at the bottom of each post. Please respond only if you DO NOT see it there, that is that you only have “PROFILE” & “PM” buttons.

Ron, you have no e-mail too. And mine is without e-mail also.

no e-mail

Ron, Only see PROFILE and PM.


Nope, no email.

only pm and profile for me too

Profile and PM only here.

same here - only Profile and PM

Well, it seems we have another glitch to sort out. Why do some people have the “EMAIL” button while others do not. ChrisB. and I are working on it…

Same here - just “Profile” and “PM”.

Profile and PM buttons only …

I was wondering why there were no more e mail buttons on the forum .That’s why I add my e mail address to my signature

No email, cheers.


No email

No email in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
Profile and PM though.


No email button (IE7)

And no email messages to notify me of responses to my posts either, despite ticking the box every time!

No e-mail either (Firefox)


No E-mail button on my computer.

I only see profile and PM for Schneider

Am logged in.

No email button.

Ron, so far I haven’t seen anyone who has it. Do you know some who do? Even you don’t. Does your menu look different than us commoners?

Another question is - do we want to have a link to our e-mail? Personally, I don’t.