Question on 303 rounds RD

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Your first item is a drill round and the 1926W is an AP round.

303 Royal Lab Woolwich 1926?

Good afternoon all, having found some bullets in my grandmothers house and having done a little research I wondered if you could help me see if the info I have gathered is correct before I hand them to the police for destroying.
There are 5 rounds the first I believe to be a practice round. 2nd I think is a standard 303 round made by Royal Labratories Woolwich 1926, 2 linked rounds with tops appear to have melted? Again Royal Laboratories 1937, last one is a V1 round nosed 303 made by Kyle 1911?
I will add each as a pic as I can only attach one to this post will mark them all as Question on 303 rounds RD

I combined all three separate threads together. So the replys may be out of order.

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RD’s headstamp photo rotated 180 deg. for easier viewing:


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Thank you very much your help is much appreciated.

.303 mark VI made by kynoch in 1911 with two government acceptance broad arrows

These look like someone took a pipe cutter to the AP bullets. So basically scrap / ruined / junk.

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Thank you all for your help.