Question on 6.5x64 ammunition

I am very fortunate to have inherited my fathers firearm collection. Most rifles are metric calibers. I’ve figured out most calibers to the requisite ammunition but one has me stumped and I need some adult supervision here. I have a rifle marked 6.5 x 64 BR. I’m assuming the BR is for Brenneke. I have seen ammunition stamped as such. In my possession I have ammunition marked 6.5x64 SMH. I acquired the ammunition recently and it did not come from my fathers inventory. Is this the equivalent and proper for this firearm?

If you mean “shm 6.5x64” then this is not the same as the 6.5x64 Brenneke but rather 6.5x64 Reb as shown below:

WBD is correct. SHM is NOT producing 6,5x64 Brenneke, only the shown 6,5 REB, which will not fit…
Here the excerpt from the last list i have from SMH


Great information, thank you. That clears things up for me. I appreciate your time and knowledge.

Hi Peter, thank you! It’s nice to have a place to ask questions and to receive non judgements answers. I’m glad I asked for clarification and more so with the answers provided. Thanks again!

You expect adult supervision? roll-on-floor-laughing Seriously?
Sorry, I could not help myself…