Question on Canadian 303 Headstamps

I have the hstp DC15 VII and noted that this style of headstamp was used from 1915 - 1918 but have never seen a DC17 VII or DC18 VII. References mention DC from 1915-18 but I have never seen any evidence of the later dates. Could someone enlighten me as to their existence and if possible provide a picture of the hstp and hopefully a 10 round bundle. I note that DC was used in hstps again from 1936 to 1941 as Dominion Ammunition- Division C.I.L.

Hi Les
go to this thread & a photo is on the third page.
I’ve only seen it in this and 16 dates which looks exactly the same but for the date. Notice the smaller primer. Sorry no packet here.
No idea the why of the format or primer change. Sorry. If you do find out, hope you post it, as I’ve been wondering about it for a long time.

Pete, Thanks for that. I have a six pages of handdrawn hstps of Canadian ammunition which i got from either John Torrens or Jim Russell over 40 years ago. This basically had the headstamp style and its approximate duration. The list has DC15 VII hstp with 1915-1918 beside it. I have seen the DC 16 VII but never DC17 VII or DC18 VII and begin to wonder if these exist. Perhaps a kind hearted Canadian collector can provide the answer.

Here`s a thread on a DA 16 & 17 headstamp…Pete… … -27695-21/

Thanks, but those pictured in your link are not quite the same as the one Les questions. (see below) As those have an added “C with a broad arrow inside” noting government ownership / manufacture, and they use the larger size normal / typical primer.

With the smaller primer & only two years known (to us), and no broadarrow I wonder if these were perhaps for a foreign contract?

Pete, The thought occurred to me that perhaps Dominion (DC) were used to supplement the supplies of Dominion Arsenal (DAC) in the 1915-16 period and that there was sufficient by 1917. As they (DC) used the smaller primer (boxer) I would assume that it was a carryover from their commercial production of 303. Not having a cartridge to dismantle, I am presuming they used powder rather than cordite and a boxer primer. All thoughts, no conclusions.

Howdy Les
Certainly a possibility! Good thinking.

Further to this topic, in IAA Journal Issue 419, May/Jun 01, pg30, in the Letters to the Editor, John Torrens shows a Dominion Cartridge box and quotes “The Dominion Cartridge box - headstamp DC 15 VII is a Canadian Government contract from a commercial manufacturer and they used commercial packaging components”. This may be the answer to the query why there are only a couple of years noted with this hstp as Dominion Arsenal Lindsay started producing in 1917 and Dominion Cartridge Co. were used only to supplement a shortfall from Dominion Arsenal Quebec in 1915/16.