Question on creating a website to display collection

Hello all… I have seen a few of the member’s websites and I am jealous. I do not have much web site building talents; I have used FrontPage a couple times, but would like to create a site to share my finds.
One that stands out as to what I had in mind is Aaron Newcomer’s freemycollection.
Specifically, on some of the centerfire pages you can view a pic of cartridge or headstamp and click on it to open new page for details.
I have looked at software like cartwin or mselect, they look fine for a collection recording tool unless someone has a template for some office program they can share.
But as far as the website part, is frontage fine for site building now (it has been years since I have used it) and are there any templates to get me started.
Thanks for your time, John.

This is my site built in the simplest way using the free Google Sites software.