Question on Greener (?) projectiles

Picked up a number of items this weekend. I have a question on the first, identified to me as multiball projectiles for a Greener. I don’t have the Greener book, and searching on the forum gets me a number of older threads with pictures no longer viewable. Can someone please confirm for me that these are as described, and explain the differences? I have two types, a smooth body and some with longitudinal grooves. Smooth body is 0.310" x 0.694", grooved is 0.309" x 0.660". The smooth body nests well with another smooth body, the grooved does not have as large a recess and does not nest as well, unless nested into a smooth body. The smooth body also has a very small hollow point.

Second item is an early/pre-CCI box (Speer underneath with Blount overlabel), can anyone give me an idea on the date?


Greener loaded both duplex and triplex .303". Your bullets seem to be correct but neither of my smooth bullets have a hollow point. My understanding is he did a lot of work with these so perhaps some were hollow-pointed? But I can’t confirm.
I should add on both sets of these the lower / base bullet is flat based.

i have a lot of different bullets coming directly from Greener shop
Some were for 331 some for 30-06 some for 303
And others I do not know

Here is a page showing what I found
There were a lot of different models but I was able to took onlythe duplicates

For the Speer 9x19 box, can you confirm the headstamp is " •SPEER NT• 9mm LUGER "?

If so then Lew Curtis in his book series 9mm Parabellum Headstamp & Case Type Guide, Vol. 3, identifies this as being for an FBI test program in early 1994 and the cartridges were produced by Speer in late 1993. The " NT " (Non-Toxic) identifies this as a lead-free loading.


Confirmed, thanks.