Question on Peters 1953 Match .22LR

I picked up this box in the latest Ward’s auction, item # 2371, a 1953 Peters Match .22LR box, PCC-55-LR-1B1.

When I was cataloging it into my collection, I noticed something very odd. NONE of the bullets have any lube grooves, nothing, no knurled cannelure or smooth one. The bullets have the belt at the case mouth, which is 0.116" in length, and it is totally smooth.

Was this intentional, or a mistake from the factory? Every rimfire bullet I have ever seen, or fired, has some kind of groove or grooves to carry the wax or lubricant.

Thanks for any help.

Hi, this type of match bullet is described in Peters catalogs as a new and different design with a smooth bearing area, and made of a special alloy that reduces leading.



Thank you very much, Fede!