Question on T102 Tracer

Just making sure if 6th cartridge from the left, is an early 7.62x49 pre-NATO tracer. Looks like an early 30.06 projectile.
From left to right:
.276 Pederson FA/29
.30 Pederson RA/H/19
30 carbine WRA/ 30/ SL early head stamp
30 carbine PC/43
30 carbine Red Plastic Blank
7.62 T102 Tracer Orange tip FA/49, pre-NATO 49mm case
7.62x51 T101 API FA/51 silver tip
7.62x51 Match 200gr WCC/58


I’m not at home and don’t have access to my notes. But, yes, the T102 looks correct. I’m not sure if it’s a T102 or T102E1. I can supply the correct designations when I get home.

One general comment - the 3 pre-Nato cartridges are Cal .30 LR. The 7.62MM NATO designation was not assigned until 1955 and there is no designation 7.62x51 except in Europe.

The WCC cartridge on the right is a 308W loaded by, or for, the USAMU in '58. There are loads with several different bullet weights, by both Win and Rem. The WCC 58 was very popular with shooters because of it’s exceptional accuracy. Unfortunately, the primer was both mercuric and corrosive which essentially ruined the brass for reloading.


The API appears to be a T101E1. If it has a 10 ogive bullet it would be a T101E2, but the bullet appears to be a 7 ogive. It’s hard to get a good read on an ogive from a sectioned bullet.

The tracer is a T102. Bullet weighs a nominal 140 grains and has the rounded base and a dished GM closing cup.