Question on three 7.62 x 54R Rounds

I have three questions which I would like some help with please.

am I right with a Tool Cartridge?

Looks like a date code from a Russian made case,

have only seen Red p/a, why is this black and does the colour mean anything?

Thanks in advance…paul.

I think your third round started out as an 8mm x 56mm Hungarian Mannlicher and has been reformed into 7.62mm x 54mm. It will have kept the original annulus colour.


The egde around the primer on the 7.62 is sharper and more raised than on the 8mm. i doubt it is possible to do and if it can be done without loosing the original paint color.

The first cartridge is home made blanc for Werndl m1882 (11.15x36R) made by friend of mine for historical battles shows. All his blanks are sealed by this red paint to protect powder to spill out from case. As the shortened Mosin case is really thick you can’t close the star so close.

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Jim, I have asked back to a well informed researcher in Bulgaria.
He told me that there was no 8x56R production after 1945.
And the only reformed 8x56R into 7.62x54R were dummies with wooden bullets (done in 1946).

I assume the PA color here was just applied as per former procedures and availability of laquer (untill stocks depleted).
And as the color had no meaning black was as good as any other color.


Thank you Alex, that rules out my theory!

Thanks to Jim, EOD, Vince Strak, and Trabi fun! I have two of the blanks one from the UK and the other from Germany, They must have traveled all over by now! Its great to have two of the three questions answered. Any thoughts on the last one…regards paul.