Question on WWII .30-06 headstamp


Folks; Maybe the vertical bars are throwing me off.

I read this as "9|C|N|40"which I don’t see in the Headstamp Code list, nor do I find it on a search in the forum.

Or is this simply Sep 40 production from C N (Lake City?)



Okay, C|N to be read as C N for Lake City. So 6th Lot, 1940 production by Lake City. Correction: From Mr. Moss’ comment; 1953 production

That vertical bar was definitely throwing me off. Thank you!

So it looks like I have 80 rounds of age appropriate Lake City ammo in enbloc clips; all in an unused (still wired closed) WWII Garand 10 Pouch Ammunition Cartridge Belt. I find it a lot easier to put something like this on the table when I understand what it is. :-)


Chris Punnet’s fine book on the .30-06 cartridge has an
excellent description and explanation of all four of these
“subterfuge” headstamps."

John Moss