Question, Remington berdan primers and WW I?


From the .43 Egyptian Post, seeing that Remington was making Berdan primers in several sizes, even during and after WW I,
here is the question…Did Remington ( or any other US maker) make Berdan primers purely as Components for the Warring Parties in WW I?

WE know they made loaded ammo with Boxer primers ( .303, 7,62x54R, 8x50R Lebel, etc…) but what about those countries with a national Berdan system in their ammo? Since Rem-UMC used a .250, a .217 and a .216 diameter Berdan, were there any “primer only” contracts for such countries as Britain, France, Neutral Sweden ( which used .216) etc??

Just Lateral Thinking…as Rem, USCCo, and WRA did supply various lots of “Components” for loading Cartridges in the receiving Countries.

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Doc: I can’t answer your question, but will point out that the 8 m/m Lebel produced during the first war by Western (but not RHA or Remington) was Berdan primed. Hackley et al., v. 1 (original edition) doesn’t mention this, and I don’t know if the Western primer was an exact copy of the French pattern or not. Jack


Thank-you Jack, I didn’t know about Berdan Western 8mm Lebel…I just assumed all the US production would be Boxer…which brings me to another question, was the 7,62 Russian produced by Western also Berdan ( same size Primer) or Boxer? As I have not come across either cartridge in collecting, I cannot tell?

WCC had Russian Inspectors (engineers) at the East Alton Plant during 1915-1917, and some of them stayed on with the Revolution, to become Senior Inspectors within the Plant by the 1930s ( Frost, “Ammunition Manufacturing” NRA Publ.)

Another mystery to solve…

Doc AV


Doc: My impression was that all U.S.-made 7.62 m/m Russian cartridges produced during the Great War used the Boxer primer. That said, I looked at a web site depicting many of these by country and date and, while the W 16 and W 17 rounds did seem to have the standard large Boxer primer there was also shown the mysterious WESTERN 20 loading and it did seem to have the big Berdan primer. Maybe someone having this variant can clarify. Sometimes the radius on the primer pocket can mislead, but a .210 primer shouldn’t look like a .250 (or so). Jack