Questions about Airmunitions


I presume that since Airmuntion is still produced, there wouldn’t be much collector value, or am I incorrect?

As they are not cartridges, would they be acceptable to mail across international borders? US/Canada at least?

I have access to some 12 gauge, 40mm, and 37mm cartridges, but nothing smaller which is a shame.


Could you specify what exactly it is about? Images, links?


Check with your post office, but I believe anything with a primer is not legal to mail. I know the mailing of reloading supplies (bullets, unprimed cases) to Canada has run into problems and most companies in the US that sell them won’t ship to Canada.



Here is Canada Post’s Non-Mailable Items list:

Included in those items is:

  • Replica or inert munitions
  • Firearms (including imitation or replica)
  • Dangerous goods (there is a big list of dangerous goods)


Edit to add: Airmunition website -