Questions about box of UMC 7mm Pinfire ammo

Any information about this box of 7mm pinfire would be appreciated. Such as the aproximate date it would have been made, for how long UMC made 7mm pinfire, etc.

Thank you.


45AUTO–The 7mm Pinfire was made by U.M.C. from their first year in business, 1866, to the merger with Remington Arms in 1911.

Thank you Ron. 1866 through 1911 is a long production run, and yet I don’t see them all that often (this is the only one). Any idea of when this box was made?

45AUTO–Can’t really say. I would guess about 1900, but that is just a guess as U.M.C. used the same box and label styles sometimes for 50+ years. Is there a label on the back?

The only label is the one on top.

What is the meaning of “warranted”? Also, anything inside the box?

Vlad…Warranted is same as 'Guaranteed"

The box is not full, only a few rounds.