Questions on SCAMP codes

I have a couple of questions about deciphering SCAMP codes. Here’s a 7.62mm NATO headstamp (2015 production) with the numbers superimposed for each position:


I seem to remember earlier SCAMP headstamps having no marks at all at some of the positions, while more recent LC production seems to have combinations of shallow and deep marks at each of the 5 positions. In this example the mark at the “8” position is shallower than the rest.

My first question is, are the shallower circles the equivalent of not being stamped at that position? So for the above example, is it correct that 1, 2, 4, and 16 are “on” and 8 is “off”, thus giving a SCAMP station number of 23 (1 + 2 +4 + 16)?

If I recall correctly, there were originally only 24 stations on the SCAMP line. Presumably you wouldn’t ever find dot combinations that added to more than 24, even though the numbering system can represent 32 different stations (0 through 31). However, this 7.62mm NATO headstamp seems to indicate station 29 if I’m reading it correctly:


My second question is, have more presses been added to the production line or am I misinterpreting this particular headstamp?

Finally, I have this 5.56x45mm round (M855A1 Ball) that seems to have 9 positions rather than the usual 5. What is going on here?



Ron Fuchs in his digital book on .223/5.56mm cartridges suggests SCAMP numbers above 24 are an error, see the last line of his description of the SCAMP system, below.