Quick ? about WWII boxed 7.9mm mauser

I am not terribly familiar with WWII era 7.9mm mauser ammo. Did the Germans ever mix headstamps within the same box?
I have a few boxes of 1940 patronen s.S. “fur MG” 7.9mm mauser ammunition that I purchased some time back. I opened them to check the headstamps and condition on the rounds and noticed that there are several different headstamps in a single box. So, I was wondering if they could have been initially packaged that way for some reason, or if someone repacked the boxes. If they are repacked, I want to remove the rounds and store them seperate from the boxes, as I am currently making an effort to document the various headstamps of WWII era 7.9mm mauser that I have in my collection.

When you say the headstamps are mixed, are you referring only to the lot numbers and possibly dates, or are you referring to the case makers’ codes as well?

Some boxes definitely were packed with mixed case lots and dates, but from the same loading factory. While I have run across many boxes with mixed case-makers’ lots and dates, I have not found a box that had mixed case makers unless it was a complete repack. If it is just the headstamp lot numbers and/or dates that are mixed, the box label, under the entry “Patrh” (Patronenh

Thanks John,
The manufacturers code and the lot #s are different on many of them. Strangely enough, it appears that the year ‘40’ is the same on all the rounds.
Here are pics.

Your two P249 boxes originally contained cases with headstamp

[quote=“pbutler”]Your two P249 boxes originally contained cases with headstamp

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What is the difference between German 7.92 MG and rifle rounds? Are the MG rounds loaded hotter?

Thanks again for the help guys. I went ahead and broke down the boxes I had, and am happy that I did. I found a few AP rounds amongst them and even a couple of 1944 dated brass cased rounds that have an odd looking crimp.

Falcon, if I recall correctly, the MG rounds are hotter, and unsafe to shoot in rifles. Why the individual MG rounds are not marked in some way, like the ‘high velocity’ rounds with the green band on the bullet, I do not know.