Quiet on the Forum front

All of the big kids must be in St Louis.


Yea. Wish I was there. Met my new grandson instead.

As for ALL of the big kids being at SLICS, you and Jason are still onboard, on a Duty Day(for you Squids)(Who’s the OOD???) while all the rest are off to the gut. Maybe next year.



A grandson. GREAT!
If you posted on the Forum and no one was there to read it, would it still make a noise?


[quote=“Ray Meketa”]If you posted on the Forum and no one was there to read it, would it still make a noise?


Only if a butterfly flapped it’s wings in a rain forest, while ordering a Big Mac with chips (fries to you yankees ;-) )

There is the Easter gun show in Calgary today and tomorrow . I just got back home with $564.75 less than I had this morning in my pocket. Of course I have twenty four new cartridges that I don’t have a firearm for now to research .
It was that or 1000 6mm 68 gr Barts Benchrest bullets that I do have a gun for.

Life is good!

Butterfly?! Rain forest?!?!. I think I posted on the wrong forum. You guys are scaring me.

Hey Glenn

$564/24 - that’s 26 Loonies per each! They must be some great cartridges. :) :)

Looks like it’s just the 4 of us and I’ve already run out of stuff to talk about.


Someone might want to come up with something meaningful just to show the SLICS attendees that the forum can function quite well in their absence. Anyone?

Calm down. The banquet and auction are now over. Show officially ends tomorrow at noon.

So there’s still some time to come up with something. Great!


Weather has been really nice hasn’t it.

I got nothing. :( :(


The weather has been spectacular lately, unlike what some parts of the country are experiencing. My heart goes out to the many flood victims, and I thank God for the good fortune of having bought a home on high ground. Quite frankly, when I was scouting around for my home here in Tallahassee, I would have been quite happy to find one bordering a stream, and never once considered the flood potential. So it was just by dumb luck that I ended up on one of the higher lots in our development. Five or so years after we moved in, an extended period of unusually heavy rain resulted in many of the homes around me getting flooded.

Spring seems to have sprung here - the azaleas, dogwoods and redbuds are blooming like crazy. Its a very effective cure for the winter blues.

My fence over to the right in the picture is 6 feet tall, which gives a good idea just how big those azalea bushes are.

Spring here in the Arizona mountains is just beginning to sprang. The Oak trees do not have their buds as yet and the legend is that they know when winter is truly over and once the buds appear you can rest assured.

The dirt and sand is especially lovely in March and April. A few Crocus and Tulip bulbs are starting to show their heads but they don’t last long what with the rabbits and the Javelina. Here’s a big one that I captured on film last year rooting out the last of my tulips. That little chicken wire fence didn’t even slow him down. He probably would have eaten that too if I hadn’t chased him away.

Actually, when I said that “I chased him away” it was more a figure of speech. I was standing by an open front door yelling, “Hey, get out of there” when he looked up at me with that “come over here and say that” look and then just walked away at his leisure. Those big tusks can tear you a new one in a hurry. :( :(


Ain’t it just like you Arizonians to call a wild pig a javalina. A rose by anu other name would smell as sweet.

You think we are going to get into trouble for discussing azaleas, crocus and tulips on the forum while the police were distracted? Perhaps if you said you shot that javelina with one of your wildcats, it might help.

I’m supposed to be acquiring an APFSDS projectile today. Hopefully. Will post pics at some point.

Spring ain’t sprung here just yet. Anxiously awaiting. And we don’t call wild pigs “javelinas” here. They’re more commonly referred to as dinner.

CONGRATS BIG TIME RICK on your new Grandchild!

Awesome Javelina, Ray! They can be bad A-S for sure!

Can’t wait to see the pics of your new APFSDS round Rick! Be prepared to be hooked on the DS stuff. It all starts with 1 :-)

Anyhow, I bet the show is awesome!

Which ctge do you want to see ?
Hum ! Something interesting you is not easy, guys !
Us ctge for sure
not shotshell also for sure
military I think

Yes ! old military US shotshell
experimental perhaps, because I do not collect hstps and variations.

You want that ??


I sure wouldn’t try hunting that big Hog thing with this FN Fal, as you can see the barrel is a tad bent ;-) (I hasten to add I didn’t bend the FN Fal. I’d picked it up and was taking it to my Armourer’s Shop for repair)

Here is a 28 Xpl Danger Space
Hstp is : F A 4 13


Here is a 46 American first model.
Designed to be shot in a silencer riffle
case length : 50.6 mm
bullret diameter : 11.55 mm
hstp : RP 300 Win Mag