Quintana Hermanos 32 short rimfires


Here’s a box of 32 Shorts rimfires manufactured for Quintana Hermanos.

The box shows a “D” headstamp so I assume it was made by Dominion (the box is sealed). Anyone know who Quintana Hermanos was?





In my Mexico file, although I have nothing on the Quintana Brothers firm, I do have a picture of a box for the .38 Smith & Wesson revolver cartridge. It shows a nice picture of one of the top-break S&W revolvers on the top lid. Unfortunately, the photo is in sepia tone, and while sharp, I doubt it will reproduce well.

A label pasted to the inside-bottom of the box leads one to believe that this company actually loaded ammunition. It says, in English and Spanish, "These cartridges are loaded and packed by Quintana Hermanos, Mexico City. I suspect, though, that even if they loaded some calibers, they were probably primarily a distributor of ammunition made and packed elsewhere, under their brand name. Despite this inside-the-box label, by the way, the .38 box nevertheless says “manufactured for Quintana Hermanos.”

I will try to find out more about the company, but seems to me I tried once before, when I was going to do a large article on Mexican Metallic Cartridge Headstamps, and failed to find anything. The article was never written because I found upon research that the twenty or so
Mexican headstamps that needed to be covered were, in actuality, about ten times that number, and it would have been a book, not an article.


I now have a picture of a .22 Short box, containing rounds with “D” headstamp also, and like the .32 RF box, say “Manufactured FOR Quintana Hermanos.”

I have one more source to try for information.

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The firm Quintana Hermanos was established in the 19th century by brothers named Felipe and José Quintana. It worked as a gunshop and importer and I believe that the earliest adress was Coliseo Viejo 7 street. Up to late 1950’s this firm was managed by Wenceslao, Ignacio and Felipe Quintana. and was located in 16 de Septiembre 46 street, México D.F.

At one given time cartridge cases were imported as new primed empties from Canada, Italy, Spain and USA and were later loaded there. Bullets were also imported and shot was supplied by mexican firms La Cazadora and Cía. Clemente Jaques. Powder was Du Pont and Hercules.

They also used to have a firearms factory located in Col. Martín Carrera street wich produced Colt SAA copies and muzzle loading firearms. It was later relocated to Calle de Moctezuma 151 street.

This firm was one of the biggest gunshop and imported of its time, including famous Armería Americana of Combaluzier.


Fede - Great information on a firm whose name has come up often in the last twenty-five years or so of cartridge collecting, with little found out about them. I didn’t realize they existed so late. They probably were one of the victims, along with great shops like Weston’s, of Mexico City, who among other thing made beautiful miniature firearms, of a Presidential Decree, I believe, but could be wrong, President Echeverria, that basically closed down every gun shop in Mexico. Good lesson, by the way, for the rest of the world - we all know that there are no guns in Mexico now and no gun crime. I hope no one believes that sarcastic statement I just made.

Thanks Fede - as usual, you came through with great and interesting facts about a company that few of us knew much about.


Fede and John,

Thanks for the info. It’s all good stuff!



Your .32 short box exists in at least two side label variations.


Cover and Parabellum pistol page from a c. 1910 catalog:

As you can see, this confirms it was established in 1875.


Fede - You just down-right amaze me. What an incredible wealth of information you either have, or an incredible talent for finding it. Wow! Keep it coming, amigo.


John, thanks for your kind comments. I learned from guys like you and many others collectors around the world who selflessly shared their files and knowledge during all these years.


This letter was sent to spanish firm Star Bonifacio Echevarría, S.A. and deals with the possible purchase of .38 Super Auto caliber pistols. It is dated January 31, 1951.

I can also confirm that this firm still existed in 1972 under the name “Armería Quintana, S.A.”. Last adress known was Av. Río Mixcoac No. 27 Desp. 5, México 19, D. F..