R a 303 british


R A 303 BRITISH, was this a military headstamp made by Remington Arms
during WW11, for use by ???


I used to collect this caliber, and I have not personally ever seen a .303 British headstamped “R A .303 BRITISH.” Remington rounds made during the war were headstamped “REM-UMC 303 BRIT,” not “R A” to the best of my knowledge. If you have one headstamped “R A” with the caliber marking you might confirm it here, with a picture, so that we all know about it. There was, in WWI, a British contract (as far as I know) headstamped RA 16 VII.

I had, in my own collection, the REM-UMC 303 BRIT headstamp in Ball CN, Ball GM, a balnk with a roll-crimped mouth over a lacquered buff paper wad (possibly not for military use), a black-cased proof and a nickeled-case dummy, all with full patch spitzer-type military bullets (as well as a sporting round). I do not know who they were made for.

I also do not know of any “R A 303 BRITISH” headstamp, or any other headstamp in .303, Made by Raufoss, in Norway. The only Norwegian .303 I had in my collection was a red plastic blank made by Bakellitefabriken.

In WWI, there was also a British contract .303 from Remington headstamped “U 15 VII.”


I agree with John, I have not seen a Remington round as you describe.
I have the RA 16 VII and U 15 VII, plus I also have a capped case simply headstamped “303 BRITISH” in the 6 o’clock position. This is allegedly Remington, but I have no proof of this.



No I do not have a round, headstamped R A 303 BRITISH, I was asked about some rounds headstamped 303 BRITISH R-P and it was suggested that they were of WW11 vintage, I did not have any information about this headstamp, and mentioned it to a local person who suggested that R.A 303 BRITISH was a WW11 headstamp and not R-P as that would be a later sporting type.
As I was unsure and could not confirm anything about Remington headstamped 303’s I thought that by running it by the forum I might get some answers, as the initial enquiry to me was about some ones late fathers war souvenirs, and did not want to guess, as I only have a limited collection of 303’s picked up along the way and no real knowledge of Remington headstamps.


Remington started using R-P in 1960 strickly on sporting loads.


Thanks Ron, That is basically what I wanted to know, read up everything I could find ,then ask a 303 collector, but was still unsure, it turned out that he was correct in assuming that the rounds in question were sporting types acquired long after WW11, but his imparting the information that a WW11 Remington Headstamp would be R.A. in reference to the 303 was obviously
only guesswork, as I ask and he does not have a round with that headstamp either.
I tended to accept his explanation as I have a round headstamped WRA 303 BRITISH and thought it may have been a format used by other U.S. manufacturers.
I could have worded the initial question a little better, but now I can tell her that they are only rounds that he obtained later in life.


I collect .303 British and am after older or unusual rds. If anyone has any to sell or trade please drop me an email