R F 3 77 or R F 4 77 Berdan primed .45-70


I am trying to determine if all of the Berdan primed .45-70s that are headstamped R F 3 77 and R F 4 77 use Gill’s removable primer anvil, which was discussed in Carolyn’s thread with the subject ‘another 45-70’. One source of information I have indicates that the ‘manufacture of 100,000 reloading cartridges - Gill’s plan’ was begun March 14, 1877. No other type of reloading cartridge is mentioned, suggesting perhaps that all of the reloading cartridges used the removeable anvil. I realize these cartridges are very uncommon, but it would be great if someone had sectioned examples or perhaps x-rays of them that might reveal what type anvil is under the primer.


Hi Guy
I have a extra RF 4 77 that I can donate if someone can section it. I would like it back after it’s been sectioned


Perhaps this would be a good candidate for Paul’s cartridge of the month. I’d be happy to pay for the shipping.