R-P .38S&W Box With Hebrew Label?


Reading Falcon’s thread about British .380 revolver rounds, I thought I’d throw this question out about some .38S&W ammo that I came across a short time ago.

Back in early to mid 2006 I purchased several boxes of .38S&W rounds from Miwall Corp. The rounds were all nickel cased with the standard R-P 38 S&W headstamp. The bullet was (presumably) a standard 146-gr. LRN. The ammo was packaged in the green & yellow Remington boxes with styrofoam trays.

Now, what was interesting about this ammo box was a plain white adheasive label that covered one end-flap of the box and onto the front of the box with Hebrew writing printed in black ink on the label.

I’m curious as to whether or not this ammo was reloaded in Israel & imported to the U.S., or was it possibly reloaded by some company here in the U.S. and it was destined to be sent to Israel?

Any ideas?


It was US-made with a Hebrew label stuck on. An Israeli police/civil defense contract for some of the old Enfields that were secondary issue. I doubt any are still in official arsenals, Hence the surplussing of the ammo. Not military issue ammo.