R - P .45 ACP Semi-Wadcutter

I have had this .45 ACP round with a Jacketed SWC bullet for a while, but it got put aside and I never got round to posting it.

The headstamp is: R - P (Made at Lonoke AR, Small dash) 45 AUTO

Was this a factory loading or someone’s reload?

Thanks for any info.


Rem (and others such as Win and Federal) manufactured 45 ACP with the jacketed SWC bullet. Most of it was Match ammunition. Only you can tell if yours is original or a handload. Look for all of the signs normally associated with a handload.


I agree with Ray that it would be impossible to say with 100% certainly that your .45 is a factory load (or a reload), but I can say that I have about 8 or 9 variations of Remington .45 Auto with JSWC bullet, and all of them have that small, flat-faced bump on the nose of the bullet, that appears like a circle when the bullet nose is view straight on. It is usual to Remington, and I don’t recall it on other brands (not counting small loaders who buy their components from outside their companies) off hand.

If I was a betting man, I would bet on a 90% chance that your round is a Remington factory load.

Thanks Ray and John.

From the corrosion on the case, it appears to have been left outside for some time.

I use to have quite a few boxes of this ammo. Here is one of the boxe end flaps.

I actually did not like the ammo very much as it did not feed worth a beans in my auto pistol.

Very few civilian shooters could afford to shoot that ammo. 50 to 100 rounds of practice, twice a week, could have meant no shoes for the kids. So, we made our own using a lead SWC bought in bulk. Pistols had to be tuned to feed the SWCs but it was a fairly easy job if you knew what you were doing.