R-P 9x19 UMC 150 years box


This is a new box that I have not seen before. Obviously made in 2017 celebrating 150 years of UMC from 1867. I assume it is not for general sale. Can anyone shed some light on this box?


This box is showing up for general sale. I have it in both 9 mm and .40 S&W,
and there are at least three different boxes like it for 9 mm reflecting three different
loadings. I also have two advertising boxes like it, that are the same but about three
or four times the size. I don’t know what else there is to say about it that is not right on
the label - its is commemorating 150 years of Remington-UMC ammunition production.

John Moss

From 2017 catalog:

Great guys! Thanks!

None of the big sporting goods chains in Atlanta stock ammo. It takes me about 4t5 min to get out to an ammo store so I almost never cruise these looking at the new ammo.

A really neat box. A Bonus is that I don’t think I have the headstamp variation in my collection!


From the 2017shot show. Sitting on a .50 BMG can for scale.

Roy Marcot, Lou Behling & Ron Paxton did a 150 year display for Remington. Filled a whole room inside the Remington ‘booth’