R-P & dnh marked 9x19

20180311_123621Found more cartridges. The first one is marked R-P,it’s a JHP,i think it’s nickel primed. Second one is dnh. I’d really use some information about it. The third one is PPU,just for comparison. Are the first two collectable? Or are they common rounds?20180311_123733

Try going to my website at gigconceptsinc.com and you will find a guide to 9mmP headstamps. It is old, from 2002 but covers what you are asking. Even better it is Free to download.

All three of these are pretty common rounds.




Hi Lew. Pm sent. Cheers

R-P is Remington-Peters, a common headstamp still in use.

dnh is a German WW2 code, being batch 2 of 1943 in this case. You’ll have to look up who dnh were.