R-P Index 7628


[i]“7.62MM 168 grain H.P. INTERNATINOAL MATCH INDEX 7628”

hs = “R-P 7.62mm Match”

“Remington Arms Company, Inc. Ammunition…Bridgeport, CT”. [/i]

Year of manufacture?



Also, I know that this has been discussed here before, but was ammunition always made at Bridgeport? And arms at Ilion?



Ray–This load was first listed in the 1988 Remington catalog.

It is a little strange though. You show the Index Number as “7628” First of all, the 4-digit Index Numbers were changed to the “Rxxxxxx” style in 1974. As you can see above, the catalog shows this as a NEW item (Green Number) and with the Index Number R308W7.

Can you send me an image of the top and end panel (Preferable all 6 sides) of the box? Does it have a Bridgeport or Lonoke address?



I don’t have photographs. I’d have to take some and download to Photobucket, etc etc. But, the box is labeled exactly as I said in my initial post.

It is International Match, from Bridgeport. Since Bridgeport closed in 1986 it would predate your list. I believe the one that you highlighted, 308 Win Match, may be a different cartridge.

If the 4-digit numbers ended in 1974 my box would date between 1960 and 1974, right?



Ray–Is the box Yellow/green or the green and red banner box of the 1960’s. That load number is not listed in any catalogs between 1960 and 1988. It must have been a Special Order load, which were not listed unless, as in this case in 1988, they become a standard production item. Does it have the “Warning”?


Ray–I went back and looked at the Components catalogs and found the bullet listed in the 1970 catalog. It is NOT in the 1968 Components Catalog. I do not have the 1969 Components catalog, but it is not shown as “NEW for 1970” so, it must have been introduced in 1969. I am sure the International Match loading was a special short run as a complete cartridge.

Some time when it is convenient, I would like pictures of all six sides of the box. No, hurry, just when you get to it.



Nothing but problems today. We got snowed on and its cold outside so I’m not about to try to take photos. Too late anyway. A friend sent me a couple of his photos but now I can’t get photobucket to work. So, check your email. I’ll try and send his photos to you that way.

Box is Green and White, no “Warning”.




Ray–GO TO AN EYE DOCTOR, Quick!!! You say there is “No Warning”. What do you think that is all across the bottom of the front of the box???

Anyway, that style box was used 1964-1973. So a 1969 date based on the introduction of the bullet in the components catalog fits nicely. I would date your box to between 1969 and 1973.

No need for more pictures. The ones you sent have all the information I need.



Oh my gosh! How did I miss that? I think I looked at the top of the box and didn’t see anything and completely missed the big letters with the black border around it at the bottom. What else can I say?? I told you today has not been good, except that it’s Christmas.

So, the “Warning” came in 1964?? I probably missed it then too.




Ray–You are having some SERIOUS eye trouble (or maybe it is a brain problem). That “Warning” is surrounded by a WHITE border, not black.


Now could someone post these box photos? We’re all on tenterhooks…



In my defense, I had just recently looked at a box of 30-30 and the warning was in the upper right hand corner surrounded by a black border. Will you buy that? That’s my story.

It’s bad enough that I had that minor eye problem but now Schneider wants to see the photo to see exactly how badly I screwed up. Thank heavens Rick isn’t seeing this.

Anyway, what year did the warning first appear on the boxes?



Ray–The warning first appeared in the Fall of 1963. At first after the law was passed, all the hardware stores & gunshops received little stick-on labels to put on every box. I have a bunch of .22 boxes that used to have these labels. I say used to because 99% of them have since dried out and fallen off. The first Remington catalogs to show boxes with the “Warning” printed on them was 1964.


Thanks Ron, I’ll make a note to myself about that date since I’m sure the question will come up again.

Now, can we forget this entire thread ever happened?