R-P Primer Marks-Help Needed


Remington ammunition shows up with a number of primer markings (LF, HF, HP and CF). Does anyone know what these primer markings actually mean.

I have 9x19mm loads with LF and HF markings. The box labels indicate the following:

LF: Box marked “Lead Free” ca’02 with a frangible bullet
HF: Box (UMC) marked “LeadLess” with an “Enclosed Base” bullet ca’08

The “LF” for “Lead Free” is easy. I could find nothing on the UMC box to tell me what “HF” meant. I have to assume it is something like “Hazard Free” but that is just a guess. The back of the box says “Clean Shooting, Lead Free Priming”

I don’t have any 9x19mm loads with HP or CF marked primers.

Any help on the meaning of HF, HP and CF are appreciated.




CF is for Clean Fire. Its a Speer/CCI primer.


I was told that:

H F : US Remington : HF = “Heavy-metal Free”



WBD, do you have a reference for that identification-a catalog or box label or something??? I’d appreciate it.

Now we need the identification of “HP”.

As you can probably guess, this is a another question I was asked that I couldn’t answer.

Has anyone seen Remington loads with an HP primer mark? What calibers???




Lew - probably from here: