R.S.Q. Smokeless powder question

All I have read about the early and now obsolete duPont R.S.Q. propellant is that it was a low bulk density powder for pistol cartridges. Is anything else known? Is there a current propellant which comes anywhere close to being similar?

RSQ aka Resque aka Rescue was discontinued when the M1911 was adopted. It was made for the old M1909 Colt cartridges because that case could hold a double charge of Bullseye. I don’t think there is an equivilent powder being made today although any of the “slower” pistol powders such as 2400 or 4227 could probably be substituted.

We may be getting into a Forum “no-no” zone so I’d better stop there.


Dennis, after this powder was discontinued, it was released for commercial sale and available until early 1918 (coexisted with Pistol Powder No. 3). This does not contradicts what Ray has said, because Phil Sharpe also noted that the “it was available in canister form for many years until the supply became exhausted”. Regards, Fede.

Interesting - it looks sort of like non-uniform ball powder. I read something that suggested it could have been a formulation like the old King “semi-smokeless” propellant. I was aware it was used in the M1909 .45 round, but I didn’t know the story that it was developed for it.