RA 12g tracer

Never had one of these, wish I could try them in skeet at night.


Shotgun Tracers sound like a really neat idea, until you try them. The tracer element often does not fly in a straight line and it also takes up some of the weight usually used by the shot column. All in all, only a barely adequate training cartridge. Maybe the modern ones are better?


Vlad, this is a military shotshell procured by the Navy and Army for training air gunners via skeet shooting. The “8 c” on the top wad indicates “#8 chilled shot”.

Very nice shell! Don’t recall ever seeing the word TRACER used on the headstamp.
It’s doubtful the tracer compound will still work but I’d be glad to provide you with some new ones for this old one, which will likely work better.
As Ray said, they are marginal. In my experience you can see them better when someone else is shooting them.