Radway Green propellants

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I’m hoping that this thread will bring discussion on the various propellants used in RG ammunition. I have a question regarding these propellants in L1A1, A2 and L18A1 5.56mm blanks.

All three loads weigh in at 10gr, but I haven’t been able to place the exact propellant type for each cartridge. I believe the current issue might be of Vihtavuori origin, does anyone recognise these propellants?

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Morning SimonF114

Not sure about L18A1 but for from an old army publication I have the L1A1 propellant is given as NPP30, and for the L1A2 it indicates Single Base Porous Disk RO Spec 10437-1/1/RG.

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The current L18A1 entered service in April 2005, and with much of RG’s ammunition parts coming from overseas, the propellant in the L18A1 is seemingly identical to the propellant in the old DAG plastic blanks. So, I would assume the current propellant might be something like Dynamit Nobel/RUAG/Vhitavouri.

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Also in the past, RG has acquired
Various Australian Propellents from Thales-ADI.
Doc AV