RAI 9x19mm Headstamp

I recently picked up this headstamp. Does anyone know who RAI is or what it stands for. The case is Boxer primed and looks kind of US to me.

Any help appreciated.

According to the source I got mine from, also a fired case, this was made in or for Thailand. I don’t understand the “RAI” headstamp, since it was, again according to the source, a product of “Hunter” Brand, made by Olympic Arms and Ammunition (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Nakhonsawan, Thailand 60000. There is nothing in either the brand name or the name of the company that would correspond to the initials on the headstamp

The fact that “Thailand” in parenthesis is included in the company name within the address on my .38 Super box label from my box collection (I don’t have a matching cartridge) leads me to believe they may have some tie to Olympic Brand of ammunition from Greece. The name intimates that this box is from the Thai branch of a company that has offices elsewhere. I don’t know this, however. I agree with Lew that the case has a decidedly American look to it. but I don’t know who made the brass.

The .38 Super box is entirely in the English language which seems quite normal for Thai ammunition boxes, even those sold in Thailand, although I do have at least one 9mm box that is all in the Thai language and script.

Well, I am sorry to say my answer of a few minutes ago was incomplete. I remembered that I had a file on Thai 9mm Parabellum and I looked in it and found that Olympic (Thailand) changed their name to “Royal Ammunition Industry.” That is clearly what the initials on this Thai headstamp stand for. The box these cases were found in, a picture of which is in my file, still had the Olympic address, however. Guess they didn’t want to throw away the boxes after the name change.

Great info John,