Rainier Munitions 9mm heastamp

Not to be confused with bullet manufacturer “Rainier Ballistics” in Tacoma, WA, I stumbled across Rainier Munitions (Rainier Arms) today of Auburn, WA with this 9mm headstamp shown on their website. The website chat helpdesk informed me that they had been doing remanufactured ammo up until 6 months ago when they started doing new manufactured ammo, and that any of their new ammo should have RAINIER headstamps. On their website I could only find images of the 9mm headstamps, and they show two different images of it, one is sort of grainy / dirty, and another one is sharp - but is a small image file:

rainier 9mm hs
rainier 9mm1

I have this headstamp in two loads, 115 FMJ RN and 147 FMJ RN.
they look virtually identical, and I had to weigh them to be sure I was
marking them correctly. They come in Rainer Arms packaging. I mention
that now, because so many new headstamps are found in boxes labeled
by companies with which the headstamps have nothing to do, other than being
loaded or even just packaged by them. They are fairly nicely bunted headstamps,
best shown in the bottom picture above.

John Moss

Looks like a high quality ammo, do they have 223 ammo ? i’m looking for a some cheap and high quality 223 ammo for Weatherby sa08, i remember when i went with my friends to a hunting trip last year i used my Weatherby sa08 with 5.56 ammo and my friend with same rifle but with 223 ammo and we both made a compression, i tried 223 ammo for first time on my rifle and actually it was good and accurate more than 5.56 ammo, that is what my friend said too he felt that the recoil is heavier with 5.56. I also read a compression on BulkMunitions for bullets compression, so does Rainier Munitions have 223 ammo and how much is it ?