Raised T hs on 22 short by Kynoch?

One I that can’t seem to find the maker of. Copper cased .22 short R.F. with round nose lead bullet.

Looked in Kass, Spanish, and Swiss books but can’t seem to find anything. Perhaps Russian?, or even Danish?

(I understand the Danish didn’t make any ammo but their ammo was contracted out to other makers? correct?)

Saw a note that possible CCI manufacture for a tool cartridge but with a lead bullet???

Photo below raised in an impressed circle headstamp, no extra dots or the like just the raised T, & thanks for any help.

Hey Pete,

Curtis Steinhauer’s very cool digital headstamp guide says:

Eidgenossische Munitionsfabrik, Thun, Switzerland:

Found on a copper cased 9mm Swiss Stahel revolver cartridge. Not the same caliber, but maybe the same maker?


Hi Pete.

Your question made me go up and check my collection. I have 4 variations of this round (mostly different sizes of the T). Over the years I have had a number of these. They all came out of England.

When I carefully went over my specimens, I found that all of them had the same bullet, which had two knurled grooves. They also have the same single punch case mouth crimp. When I compared them to Eley specimens, the bullets were similar but not the case mouth crimps. Eley used 3 punch stab crimps. When compared with Kynoch, the bullets were identical, as was the single punch stab crimp. When I compared headstamps, they were very similar in style. This is speculation, but a box would seal the indentification conclusively. They were probably made by Kynoch as a house brand for a distributor. That’s the best that I can do on these until something conclusive comes along.

Hope this helps.


Hi Will & Dave
Thanks for the input.
Will, I think your likely correct. This example has the single punch crimp & the bullet does look similar to my Kynoch headstamped examples.
So ta very much for that!

When in doubt over British ammuntion of this sort I look to Belgium. So much ammunition imported into this country in those days at the budget end. I have no idea regarding this round but the various importers were so active that they always have to be considered.