Ramjet artillery round back in the news

Maybe not all that new.

Yup, definitely not new (aren’t there some 16" ramjet projectiles out there?)… but I guess there’s an actual contract for them now?

There is a crappy photo of a 16" floating around but wonder if it is fake.
Back in the service days of the 16" the ramjet was not yet “re-discovered” or?

We shall see what all the players in the 155mm field will come up with in the end - if at all.

The smallest I know of is an Oerlikon made 35mm. And must be like 15+ years old.

I thought the 16" was done in the late 90’s early 2000s. It might be confused with the scramjet prototype they used with another test.

It’s all very interesting though.


I just wish we had the docs on the German developments before 1945.
For some odd reason almost no proper primary source documentation is available.