Random cartridges to ID

  1. 22lr tracer of some sort?
  2. 24ish caliber blank?
  3. DE LA MARE 5-1 blank
  4. 22 wildcat on 30 luger - .22 Lowenstein Luger ?
  5. 22 wildcat on 9mm - ohmy what a rabbit hole
  6. 17 wildcat on 32acp

The blank is a naildriverload from Fiocchi.

De%20La%20Mare%20ENG%20box%20label De%20La%20Mare%20rnds

Do you have source or other info on it? Nickel case with blue seal doesn’t look like any of the nail driving loads I’m familiar with. They are all super cheap brass crimped rounds.

This one is .25ish. in diameter.