Randy Hedeen

Congratulations to Randy for getting a .30-40 Krag cartridge collecting article with his photo on page 23 of Nov.26,2007 issue of Gun Digest. Big applause!!!

Hey, I went to that site but can’t figure out how to access the article. Is it possible to do so without having to register?

One big Attaboy for Randy.


I’d post a scan (it is a one-pager) but not sure about the copyright. I have a hard copy, the magazine itself, don’t know anything about the web site.


Don’t take the chance of copying it. It’s not worth the possible risk.

I’ll look for it at the local grocery store magazine rack and read it there for free. :) :)


DBI, Inc. sure muddied the waters by naming their monthly (?) advertising magazine “Gun Digest,” the same as the book that comes out every year. I ran to the book shelf fearing I had missed Randy’s article in the Gun Digest (annual version) and couldn’t find it.

Gun List used to run many ammunition articles, many simply altered slightly or not at all from the version that appeared in the IAA Journal, with IAA’s permission. Did DBI, Inc. take over “Gun List”?

At the end of the article it says that there will be “part deux” about Randy’s collection in the next issue.

Hi, All…Thanks for the accolades…I was contacted out of the blue awhile back about doing this article. The writer interviewed me over the phone and then between the two of us we polished it up after his first draft. We cartridge historians know there is much more to it than this relatively simple article describes, but, what the heck, it’s a plug for cartridge collecting, which is a good thing…Yes, there is supposedly a part two coming, having to do with the collecting of cartridge boxes, which reminds me, I need to get in touch with the writer, as part two also needs a little touching up…John Moss…I also did not know until the other day when a friend called me about the article, that “Gun Digest” is the former Gun List"…I, like you, thought it was the yearly book…

Randy–As the author of the article do you have the right to put it on the Forum, or does Gun Digest retain full copyright. If so, could you obtain permission from them to post it here. I looked at 2 magazine shops for the magazine and could not find it.

Hi, Ron…Actually, I was interviewed over the phone for the article, and a fellow by the name of Scott Bestul wrote it. So, don’t know if I’d be violating any copyright laws by posting the article, but I will try to find out if it would be OK to post it here…I believe that the Gun Digest, formerly Gun List, is available only by subscription and comes out once a week ?..Randy

“Gun Digest -the Magazine” is available in WALMART stores in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Maybe elsewhere also.


[quote=“pbutler”]“Gun Digest -the Magazine” is available in WALMART stores in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Maybe elsewhere also.

It is also carried by a WalMart here in Des Moines. I think even the Krogers grocery store here has it as well.

Here is the article from “Gun Digest”…http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z153/patentdraftsman/Article2.jpg

Here is page two…

Congrats the second time!!! The 2nd half of Randy’s .30-40 Krag article is available on page 28 of Dec.10, 2007 issue of Gun Digest.