Rare 6,5 carcano

This rare 6,5 Carcano expl. was developed during WWI but rarely used. Headstamps are BP B17. Pirotecnico di Bologna 1917 and, thanks to DocAV , inspector Pietro Boragine

What was the purpose of this round?

Vittorio - that is interesting information about the identity of the Inspector using the initials B.P during the WWI era. Were any other of the unknown inspectors from your list Posted Friday, January 16, 2007 on this Forum, identified? I am especially personally interested in the initials T.M from Bologna in the 1930s, S.A. known from Capua circa 1953 (not the earlier one), and S.G. also from Capua.

Perhaps Doc Av has more information on these inspectors that could be posted here?

I would also be interested in knowing B.P from Capua circa 1949.

B.P. of Capua may be Pietro Boschesi.
The cartridge was reasonably used as observation

I have no further information on inspectors. Doc Av is absolutely the boss on this matter.

Doc Av - why not publish a list of inspectors that you know of, in case there are others shown as unknown, that you have identified? Thank you.