Rare 7.63 Headstamp?


Until I found this dummy, I think it was only known on a shop drawing (steel bullet, nickel case, brown rubbery primer). Does anyone have a ball round, or another dummy, in better condition, with this Austrian headstamp?



Jon - this is a rare headstamp. Someone reported a ball round somewhere, but I don’t know if it was in personal correspondence to me, or in some other venue. It has been some time. I have the identical headstamp, right down to the date, on both Ball and Proof (black tip) 8mm Roth Steyr. The proof load has been confirmed by Josef Moetz. It is a scarce headstamp on that caliber also, but not as rare as the 7.63mm Mauser version.


If you can remember the reference to a ball round I’d like to know.