Rare Antique ammo..remington,umc,united states cartridge co


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an I can’t get pics to this post for some reason, can’t get it to attach.any interested


You will need an external image hoster like Photobucket for example.


Thanks,an as for the photobucket thing i have it, im trying but i still cant get pics attached on here for some reason.an when i click the image icon above it just puts itself in the msg box an when i try to do anything with it nothing happens…im on my iphone,figure it should work,never had a prob.really need to get these pics on here,ill figure out some how lol, really need the pics on here


I can email them an send them anyway through my phone just fine,so soon as i find out how to get them on here, ill post them asap








As far as 22 blanks go they are relatively unremarkable in collector terms. Boxes like these fall into the category of “unknown to most all shooters, but not uncommon to cartridge collectors”. There is a listing on Gunbroker for one of these same box types that has gone on for weeks with no bids at a starting price of $20, so I would wager the boxes are all worth around $10 a piece: http://www.gunbroker.com/All/Completed%2FBCI.aspx?Keywords=us+22+short+blank&Timeframe=1