RARE box of 7.62x45 SHE Rifle TRACERS

I got excited about these until I did a Google image search. Does anybody else have a problem with the paint job? T he stripe on the box looks suspect too.


The paint job looks very unusual for Czechoslovakia.

“SHE rifle”… a nice way to say “I do not know what the gun is called in real life”.

Both the box stripe and the color tips have a very “Egyptian” look to them. I wouldn’t call them fakes without a better look.

Jon, what would be the Egyptian connection then?

Back ca. 1955-56, Egypt and Czechoslovakia did a big arms deal that eventually opened up Egypt for the Soviets. The ammo above could have been supplied and remarked for the Egyptians at that time, or at any other time for supply to one of the many Palestinian terrorist groups. I do know that a good amount of 7.62x45 came out of Lebanon in the early 1980s.

Thanks! You think the Egyptians repainted the projs. - why?

I don’t think, just that the color looks “Egyptian” and there is a possibility.

Besides the paint job, I don’t think those projectiles match the 7.62x45 ammo that I have. I am just eye balling it from the auction photo and comparing the ogive of the projectiles to some that turned up from a Google search. The length of the projectile extending past the case mouth looks long to me. Any ideas?

If not original, then they could certainly be a rework done in the 80’s or 90’s in the U.S. for gun show sales. We certainly see plenty of calibers done in tracer for this type of sale, even in steel case. Painting the box with the stripe, and the odd tip color would be typical of this sort of thing if that’s what it is.

Maybe somebody seated pulled 7.62x39 tracer projs. from Egypt or Yugoslavia?

The tracer boxes in 7.62x45 I have seen looked somewhat different.

I was looking at them strictly from a collector point of view at first, but now I am wondering if they are too long to function from the VZ 52 magazine. I have seen a lot of gun show creations. They are often built to look good only.

Here a box and ammo, and loose Tracer bullets for the ZV52 rifle, made by she.
Ammo is made by bxn (Sellier & Bellot, Vlasim)


the dark copperplate in the base is very´thin and encloses the tracer-compound from reacting with the powder…and protects against humidity


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As an owner on two vz 52 rifles (both she) I have shot thousands of above mentioned cartridges - mainly tracers due to the better availability (dated 54 & 55)
Few years ago I have captured 2 ths brass cases (primed - old stock from 50’s for CZ proof house) which I have converted from 4.5 rifle berdan to 5.33 boxer. Main reason was to get the non-corrosive ammo as the pure vz 52 doesn’t have chromium plated barrel. (52/57 already has)
Due to the OAL magazine limitation the cheapest bullet you can use for reloads is the pulled bxn tracer bullet (perfect shape with the slightly fatter nose for proper crimp).
I love this CZ rifle…I have made 20rd magazine as well (working smoothly) to improve shooting fun :-).

Interesting discussion. Rifle VZ52 chambered in 7.62x45 and made by she. Most of ammo Ive seen Steel and brass case made by Sellier and Bellot Rifle was later modified (VZ52/57) to chamber 7.62x39. The 7.62x45 ammunition is an interesting short lived round. Rifles in my experience works well as does most Czech designed weapons.