RARE Chinese 10.5 MG xpl


I ve got several Chinese 10.5 case last month . It is said PRC in 1960s ,The project was held to design a kind of machine gun cartridge better .50BMG,while the project was cancelled soon after. luckily i got some

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Great photos! Thank you for posting them.

Can you tell us the length of the cartridge case and the length of the bullet/projectile by itself?

Photo below showing 10.5mm cartridges next to 12.7x108mm cartridges was originally posted on the now defunct website http://forum.ammo-collection.com




i will measure and publish it later


The rim diameter would be helpful, too!


I wonder how similar it it to a .408 Cheytac or a .416 Barrett?


To my understanding this is a necked down 12.7x108.