Rare FA 45 Colt packets?


In the upcoming James D Julia firearms auction for October there is a lot shown that is listed as being
"Ultra rare & desirable lot of 9 Frankfort Arsenal Cartridge Packs for .45 Revolvers (1873-1881 dates)"

With this image shown:

What makes these so rare, the condition, or the varieties shown?


DKConfiguation–I have been collecting .45 Colt’s for over 40 years and I have never seen the first two boxes in this display. So, to me, it is the box variations that make this “Rare”. While the condition of these boxes is nice, I would consider them “Above Average”, but not “Ultra Rare”. These undoubtedly came out of a wooden crate of them. These crates turn up more often than you might think.



I was surprised to read your post. Did you mean that you were not aware of the first two boxes, or that you had never seen one? (I suspect the latter but am still surprised that a serious 45 Colt collector has never seen one.). They are the original packaging of the original Cal .45 (Colt length) revolver cartridges in 1873. The cartridge and the box was replaced in 1874 by the more familiar Cal .45 Revolver Ball (S&W length).

The original boxes are very rare now-a-days, but it wasn’t too long ago that they could still be found, much the same as boxes of the original Cal .45 Carbine cartridges. Boxes of the Revolver Ball cartridges can still be found from time to time on the auction sites, but having the different dates together in one sale is what makes this unusual.



Ray–Yes, I meant I had never seen one in person. I have seen drawings and pictures of them. I have seen quite a few of the later S&W length length boxes. Sure wish I could afford to bid on this display.