Rare / unknown .30 cal & 8mm antitank cartridges

Phewww - I won the auction: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=143828763 I had bid $455 as my highest bid, and it held firm for several days at the opening bid of 99.95, but then of course - one random guy also notices the auction and drives it to $455 in the last 30 minutes. Ah well. I’m thinking that I still did well. The seller had a horrible listing as far as the title and description of the auction, he should have sold the antitank cartridges separately and with proper ID. Anyway, these are the cartridges I had mentioned in another thread, which I now know includes a T5 50/30 cartridge which appears live, a 7.92x94 pzb 318, a Polish 7.92x107 Maroszek, and last but not least - an unknown “FA 51” demilled cartridge which looks allot like a 7.92x94, but is not, and is apparently some sort of U.S. experimental antitank looking cartridge. So far I have no ID on this one from anybody, and 1951 is sort of late for experimentation with thise sort of antitank cartridge which would have been obsolete by that time… As soon as I receive these I will post detailed photos, and I will update to all those who expressed interest in the 50/30 T5


Nice work there! The one on the far left is an experimental too, if I’m not mistaken. That is the .60 cal. necked down to .50 cal., well before there was the 20x102mm. These items deserved a new home where they can be recognized for the prizes they are…(of course you just might be thinking what cool pistol AP items you can trade them for?)