Rare WRA 9M-M headstamp


The headstamp “w.R.A. 9 M-M” is one of the most common military headstamps ever made on 9x19mm cartridges. it was introduced before WWII for sale to the Finnish military. The rounds were never delivered but were bought by the British. It was produced throughout WWII, for both the US and Allies.

There were also two or three cartridges that I knew of with the same headstamp, but without the dots between the letters. I had never had the opportunity to acquire one

I did have a black and empty white box since before the mid-1980s that looked very similar to the WWII boxes. and was marked specifically for the Sten Gun.

It was interesting since it was obviously a militarhy contact and the date code inside the box indicated production in March 1957. I believe I have previously posted this box on the Forum to find out what the cartridges were.

Recently I had an opportunity to buy the same box, but with cartridges. Today I was digging through “stuff” getting ready to travel to the ECRA meeting and I ran across the box and opened it. I was more than pleased to find it contained the cartridges with out the dots in the WRA!

I believe this is the first time I know of that the box and the headstamp have been tied together. Someone out there may have a case of them, but if so it has been a well kept secret!




Thanks for posting!