Rare WW2 OSS Grenade

I knew the estate of my late mother had at least one rare OSS grenade left. As kids in the early sixties, my brother and I would use them for “training purposes.” I gave the house one final, aggressive search for her collection, and found it. Hope it was worth the effort. The Grenade is marked: GRENADE T13 INERT AMM LOT LS SR-30.

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This is the first black painted and inert marked T13 I see.
An extraordinary scarce item you got there!
Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

Wait…your mother collected ordnance???
Lucky kid!

Yes. There won’t be many, if any, others marked “INERT.” My mom’s job at Picatinny Arsenal during WW2 was to write the reports as to whether sample ordnance met the specs as to certain particulars (like stenciling, etc.) There was also another similar baseball grenade that was more like spherical case shot. It was black, had double wall with BB-like balls. Same thing though. That one I’m afraid did not survive.