Rarest 7.62x39 you have

Hello guys!
As mentioned in the topic, which is the rarest 7.62X39 you have?
Mine is Portuguese FNM, tracer ball.

Mine would be a “Powerplus” duplex load. It’s a gimmick projectile similar to the Genco stuff from the 80’s and 90’s.

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I can’t list just one:
-South African “pressure test”
-Cuban “PMV” case
-Cuban 13 88 ball
-Unknown “HMP 95”

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Jon, HMP is known. Look at the thread it ID was requested by Jack Wells (RIP).

I just see the ID request came from Kevin:

Mine would be a Russian aluminum cased round. The projectile is lacqured. Headstamp is 711 62


Thanks Alex, I had not seen that thread. I got my from Jack at that SLICS. But apparently the meaning of “HMP” is still unknown.

The meaning could be various but I gave the actual manufacturer there.

Mine would be a Chinese AP-I with the two piece bullet headstamped 71 83



I don’t know if its ‘rare’ but this is certainly unusual. Its a 7.62mm Subsonic Ball locally manufactured by Rhodesian Security Forces during the mid-70’s Bush War. Surplus stock was later used in Palestine by Israeli special forces. Soviet case reloaded with a heavy 172gn .303 Mk VII bullet and marked with a brown lacquer tip.


Jim, I heard about the Israeli background before but the Rhodesian background was new to me.
Can you tell more about and how this relation was identified?

Made by Portuguese factory FNM
Headstamp. FNM 85-1 and. FNM 86-1

The story I got on those was that they were brought to Israel by RSA troopers who were doing some training with IDF SF.

Alex, hopefully this link will take you back to the post that identified it. I bought one of these cartridges from Fatelk who originally posted the ID request.

Alex, do you have pictures of the labels mentioned in that thread? How was the manufacturer identified? Also, are we talking about actual manufacturing of the cases headstamped “HMP”, the bullets, cartridge loading, or what?

Fede, I will need to look the images up and repost them.
The label said who made (loaded) the cartridges. So of course no 100% as for who made the cases then…


a PaulSmith

you had a very beautifull 7.62x39

i learn about russian experiment about aluminium alloy case in this caliber but never see a picture
(a french livre from regenstrief ,i don’t remember the title)

could you take a picture in sun light ?

it the first time that i see a lacquered projectile in this caliber ,the color of projectile look same a the 14.5 lacquered projectile

@ Jim
Thanks a lot for reminding me of this thread!!!
Age is showing…

@ Fede
I could not locate the image anymore.
I know Jack Wells back then had the label of these!
Does anybody know what has happened to his research?

If my memory is correct, Jack figured these from the Croatia/ Bosnia conflict and where found in with a pile of stuff containing German 7.92mm from a friends stash at a gun show. There was only a stripper clip and label that was found.
When Jack passed, I had several sectioned rounds that where his, including a rare Czech aluminum case. I tried contacting his family for months afterwards and could never get in touch. Ended up donating his lot to the SLICS auction last year. Don’t know who bought them.
No idea where his collection or research all went, including the 150 sectioned rounds that we did together.

Sadly, his wife seems to have made a clean break with the cartridge fraternity.